How Many Churches Are in France? & Which Ones to Visit

Wondering how many churches are in France?

Few people would be able to answer this question without a little research. So, if you want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place.

As someone who has traveled extensively in France, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many of its beautiful churches. So, needless to say, I know a lot about the churches in France.

In this post, we are going to look at how many churches are in France and which ones you should visit while you’re here.

Let’s dive in!

How Many Churches Are There in France?
How Many Churches Are There in France?

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How Many Churches Are in France?

France is home to an astonishing 100,000 churches. Of these, 45,000 are Catholic churches and 3000 are Protestant places of worship.

There’s also a significant number of non-Christian buildings (2,200 are mosques, 500 are synagogues, and 300 are Buddhist temples).

With so much faith-based architecture, it is no surprise that 15,000 of these are historic sites.

13 Must-Visit Churches in France

France is a country steeped in history and culture, with a rich spiritual heritage. From picturesque cathedrals and grand basilicas to ornate abbeys, every city has at least one spectacular church.

But which ones should you visit?

Below I’ll cover 13 must-visit churches in France.

1. Reims Cathedral

The Beautiful Carvings on the Reims Cathedral
The Reims Cathedral!

The Reims Cathedral is one of the most well-known pieces of Gothic architecture in France. Built between 1211 and 1516, this grand structure has been home to some of the most important events in history.

To name but a few, it served as the coronation site for the kings of France and played a vital role in World War I. If you plan on taking a trip to Reims, the Reims cathedral should be at the top of your list.

2. Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral

Entrance of Strasbourg's Notre Dame Cathedral. It's made of an orange-red stone. Every inch is carved with an intricate sculpture of a religious figure.
Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral

There’s no doubt that France is home to a plethora of awe-inspiring churches, but my favorite was Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral. It stands at an incredible 142 meters (465 feet) and the bell tower can be seen even from the outskirts of the city. The exterior is made from stone that displays intricately carved Gothic sculptures.

Then, of course, there are the stained-glass windows, each one is more beautiful than the last.

On the inside, there are several sculptures and various works of art.

But the most impressive is the astronomical clock.

From the time of day to the position of the planets, it’s a masterpiece in and of itself. If there’s one historic monument you have to add to your Strasbourg itinerary, this is it!

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3. Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris

The Front Exterior of the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris

One of the most well-known churches in France is Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral.

Construction began in the 12th century and continued through the 14th century. One look at this Gothic masterpiece and you’ll see why it took so long to build. Not only that but it has played a vital role in the history of Paris. It’s even where the coronation of Napoleon I took place!

In 2019, a fire destroyed the spire of the church, and it has since been closed to the public. Plans are in place for it to reopen in 2024, so for now you’ll have to admire this grand cathedral from a distance.

4. Notre Dame Cathedral of Dijon

Close-up of the gargoyles on Dijon's Notre Dame Cathedral
Gargoyles on Dijon’s Notre Dame Cathedral

Dijon is home to several churches, but none compare to its Notre Dame Cathedral. In fact, when I was visiting Dijon for a day this was my first stop!

This Gothic cathedral was built during the 13th century and was classified as a historic monument in 1840. Some of its most impressive elements include its five original stained-glass windows and the 51 stone gargoyles that line the front of the church.

5. Mont Sainte Odile

The Mont Saint Odile monastery at sunrise
Mont Saint Odile at Sunrise

Surrounded by the Vosges mountains overlooking the Alsatian countryside is Mont Sainte Odile. It once served as an important pilgrimage site and convent. Today, you can follow the steps of the pilgrims and trek to the church or visit as part of a tour.

From its terrace, at a whopping 767 meters (2516 feet) in elevation, you’ll be treated to some of the best views over the region. And on a clear day, you can even see the spire of Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral!

6. Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral is touted as one of the most beautiful churches in France. So much so that in 1979, it earned UNESCO World Heritage Site status. In fact, it represents the high point of Gothic Art.

It was built between 1194 and 1220 with several prominent features. The most stunning include the 13th-century stained-glass windows and the gigantic labyrinth. So, whether you’re an art enthusiast or looking for something unique, Chartres Cathedral is worth a visit.

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7. Sacré-Coeur Basilica

Panoramic View of the Beautiful Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris
The Sacré-Cœur Basilica!

The Sacré-Coeur Basilica is one of Paris’ most prominent landmarks. Located on the summit of Montmartre, this stunning white basilica stands out against the skyline. Not only that but it’s also been a symbol of faith for more than 100 years.

With its Romano-Byzantine style architecture and elegant interior décor, it’s no surprise that people flock to visit this beautiful place of worship. If you’re looking for something to do in Paris this summer, I recommend watching the sunset from the terrace in front of the church. It’s the best spot in the city. Then, you can explore Montmartre at night!

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8. Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Lyon
Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste

The Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste sits on the banks of the Saône in the middle of Vieux Lyon. It’s a unique mix of Gothic and Romanesque style architecture that dates to the 12th century.

Of course, that’s not all.

Its astronomical clock rivals that of Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral. If you want to see the church in all its glory, wake up early and watch the sun’s rays light up the church. It’s one of the best things to add to your Lyon itinerary.

9. Amiens Cathedral

This is the Amiens Cathedral in Amiens France. It's a large stone church with intricate carvings. I took this photo at sunrise so the sun is starting to show behind the church.
The Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals from the 1200s.

In fact, it’s the largest in France at 200,000 cubic meters (7 million cubic feet)! That means two of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedrals can fit inside this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And for something so big you’d think it took hundreds of years to build, but it only took half a century. An astonishing feat, to say the least!

Some of its most notable features include the two bell towers, the high Gothic rose window on the western side, and the gigantic organ.

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path place to explore, a trip to Amiens should be at the top of your list.

10. Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

The ever-impressive mosaics on the ceiling of the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière in Lyon
The Mosaics in the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

The Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière is one of the most iconic churches in Lyon. Located on top of a hill overlooking the city, this stunning basilica has been standing since 1872.

It’s a combination of Byzantine architecture and Romanesque artistry that will leave you in awe.

But that’s not even the best part.

The intricate mosaics that line the ceiling are truly something to behold. Marvel at its exterior, tour the inside and take in the views from the terrace. You’ll stop by for a few minutes but find yourself spending an hour. So, make sure to create space in your trip to Lyon or eastern France itinerary for this work of art.

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11. Sainte-Chapelle

The Altar in Sainte Chapelle with it's Stained Glass Windows in the Background

Sainte-Chapelle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful churches in France. Its intricate architecture and its high ceilings are nothing shy of phenomenal.

But the most magnificent element is the stained-glass windows. To date, this is the largest collection of stained-glass windows from the 13th century. They line the entire back wall of the chapel, filling to room with a radiant blue hue.

It’s not far from Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, so if you’re visiting one you have to see the other!

12. Cathédrale de Metz

Panoramic View of the Altar and Pews inside the the Metz Cathedral
Cathédrale de Metz

The Cathédrale de Metz is one of the most impressive churches in France. It stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture. Like Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral, the Cathédrale de Metz also took three centuries to build.

This awe-inspiring edifice is noted for its ornate carvings, intricate sculptures, and breathtaking stained-glass windows. It’s a must-see in Metz!

13. Notre-Dame de la Garde

Notre-Dame de la Garde church in Marseille France. It's a white stone church with a golden statue of the Virgin Mary on top of its bell tower. This photo was taken from the steps leading to the church so the bottom of the church is framed by green shrubs.
Notre-Dame de la Garde

Nicknamed La Bonne Mère, or The Good Mother, Notre-Dame de la Garde is more than a tourist attraction. It’s an icon of Marseille. And it holds a special place in the hearts of its people.

The current basilica, built in a Neo-Byzantine style, was consecrated in 1864. The site, however, has been a place of worship since ancient times.

The interior is decorated with mosaics, murals, and maritime-themed ex-votos. But its most notable feature is the large golden statue of the Virgin Mary that sits atop the bell tower. When the sun is shining, you can see it glistening from anywhere in the city.

FAQS About French Churches

How many churches are in Paris, France?

There are approximately 197 churches in Paris. These include iconic landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. Most of these churches are Catholic. But there are also Protestant, Orthodox, and non-denominational places of worship.

What is the main religion in France?

The main religion in France is Christianity, with Catholicism as the largest denomination. But there are also sizable Protestant, Muslim, and Jewish populations.

What percent of France goes to church?

Approximately six percent of people in France go to church. This figure has been decreasing over the past few decades as fewer people abandon the Catholic church.

Conclusion: How Many Churches in France?

France has no shortage of beautiful churches. From the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris to Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral, it’s an impressive collection, to say the least. It’s even one of the many reasons why I love France.

And if you’re not religious, the architecture of these churches alone is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. In fact, if you take the time to explore the spiritual aspect of France, it will no doubt give you a better understanding of its people and their beliefs.

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