What is the Zip Code for Paris? There’s More Than One!

What is the zip code for Paris?

It seems like such a simple question, yet if you just moved to Paris, you probably don’t have any idea. At least I didn’t.

There are so many things to consider when you move abroad that knowing how to address a letter or a package is the last thing on the list. But chances are you’ll want to ship some of your stuff to yourself. Or your family will want to send you a care package. So, eventually, you’ll have to know the zip code for Paris and how to write a Paris address.

Below I’m going to show you how to write and read a Paris zip code, write a Paris address, and send packages to and from Paris.

Paris Zip Code - What is the Zip Code for Paris?
What is the Zip Code for Paris?

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What is the Zip Code for Paris?

Paris doesn’t have just one zip code. It has 21. Yes, that’s right, 21.


Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements or neighborhoods. And each arrondissement has its own zip code. Then there’s one arrondissement that has two, making the total number of zip codes in Paris 21.

Below is a list of all the zip codes for Paris:

  • Arrondissement 1 = 75001
  • Arrondissement 2 = 75002
  • Arrondissement 3 = 75003
  • Arrondissement 4 = 75004
  • Arrondissement 5 = 75005
  • Arrondissement 6 = 75006
  • Arrondissement 7 = 75007
  • Arrondissement 8 = 75008
  • Arrondissement 9 = 75009
  • Arrondissement 10 = 75010
  • Arrondissement 11 = 75011
  • Arrondissement 12 = 75012
  • Arrondissement 13 = 75013
  • Arrondissement 14 = 75014
  • Arrondissement 15 = 75015
  • Arrondissement 16 = 75016 and 75116
  • Arrondissement 17 = 75017
  • Arrondissement 18 = 75018
  • Arrondissement 19 = 75019
  • Arrondissement 20 = 75020

The exception is the 16th arrondissement, which has two zip codes 75016 and 75116. The first (75016) corresponds to the southern section of the arrondissement while the second (75116) is for the northern section.

How do I Read a Paris Zip Code?

So, how do you read a Paris Zip Code?

This one is not so difficult.

Let’s take the zip code of the first arrondissement – 75001.

The first two numbers (75) correspond to the department. A department is like a county in the United States. It’s composed of several cities that are identified by a number.

The last two numbers represent the arrondissement. So, in the case of the first arrondissement, 75001, 01 shows that the zip code is for this arrondissement.

The middle zero is for special purposes, like the 16th arrondissement, which has two zip codes.

Paris Zip Code Map

Now that you know the zip codes for Paris and how to read them, let’s look at the Paris Zip Code Map. Below you’ll see an outline of Paris and how the arrondissements are divided. They are labeled 1-20 and their zip codes are in parentheses.

Paris Zip Code Map
Paris Zip Code Map

How Do You Write a Paris Address?

Writing a Paris address is the same as writing an address for anywhere in France.

There are four main lines of information required to write a Paris address:

  • Line 1: Name of the Individual or Business
  • Line 2: Number of the Building and the Street name
  • Line 3: Paris Zip Code and the Name of City (Paris)
  • Line 4: Country of Destination (France)

The country of destination is optional if you are sending the letter or parcel within France. But I always add it so there is no confusion.

Useful Tip: While it’s not required, it’s common to capitalize all the letters in someone’s last name.

Here is an example of how to write a Paris address:


56 Boulevard Voltaire

75011 Paris


How Do I Send a Letter to Paris?

Sending a letter to Paris is very simple. First, write the necessary information on where you want to send the letter in the middle of the envelope. Next, add the return address to the upper left corner of the envelope. The required information is in the same format as the addressee. Stamps are then placed in the upper right corner. The number of stamps will depend on where you are mailing the letter to and from.

Here is an example of a properly addressed envelope to Paris:

Example of an Addressed Envelope to Paris
Example of an Addressed Envelope to Paris

Once you have addressed the envelope all you have left to do is go to your local post office and send it!

Useful Tip: Even though most people in Paris speak French, you can address envelopes in English.

Postal Service in France

The main postal service in France is La Poste. It offers mail, parcel, and package services as well as a variety of tracking options. It’s like the United States Postal Service in the United States.

In general, I try to avoid using La Poste as much as possible. Their service is slow and unreliable, and my packages always arrive partially destroyed. In fact, it’s one of the only things I hate about France.

There are, however, a few occasions where you will have no other option. The most common is when you have to send something ‘recommandé.’ This is a special service offered by La Poste that guarantees your documents have been received. You’ll need to use it for sending official documents, like taxes. Of course, many private postal services offer a similar option, but there’s a difference with La Poste. Once your parcel has been received and signed for, you’ll get something called avis de réception. This is an official document that shows your parcel has been successfully delivered.

Does UPS Deliver to Paris France?

Yes, UPS delivers to Paris France. They offer a variety of shipping options. You can track your packages, even if you are shipping to another country.

Useful Tip: I prefer to use FedEx or DHL when shipping to and from France. They are more efficient and have fewer issues when compared to UPS.

Can I Ship to Paris from Amazon?

Yes, you can ship to Paris from Amazon. You can ship to your home address, a pick-up point, or an Amazon locker.

They offer worldwide shipping, however, it’s often more expensive. If you’re ordering an item from outside of France, I recommend checking Amazon France first. Oftentimes Amazon France has the same item, so you can avoid any extra shipping fees. And don’t worry about the currency, you can pay in whatever currency you want!

As an example, let’s say a friend, who lives in the United States, wants to send me a gift from Amazon. Rather than look for the item on Amazon US, my friend should look for the item on Amazon France. Like this, my friend will avoid extra fees because the item is being shipped within France.


So, what is the zip code for Paris? There is not one single zip code for Paris, there are 21. It might seem trivial, but if you’re trying to send a letter, package, or even a postcard for the first time it can be quite confusing. And hopefully, this article has uncovered the mystery behind the Paris zip code and how to write a Paris address.

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