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Jen Ciesielski the creator of Dabbling in Jet Lag on a hike in Alsace France

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Below I’ve put together answers to commonly asked questions. Please look at this list before emailing me. I might have already answered your question.


Name: Jen Ciesielski

Location: Strasbourg, France

Email: jen [at] dabblinginjetlag [dot] com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions are listed below. Please review these to see if I’ve already answered your question.

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Can you promote my company/product?

No. That’s not what this site is for. I’m happy to test products, but my reviews will have to be own.

Do you want to hear about my cool travel plans?

Yes, I love to discuss anything travel-related.

Do you accept guest posts?

No, unfortunately, this blog is not accepting guest posts at this time.

Can I schedule a free zoom call for moving abroad advice?

Unfortunately, no. I do not offer this service.

Can we meet in person or can you give me a tour?

Unfortunately, no. I don’t meet people in person and I don’t offer tours.