3 Days in Strasbourg – The Perfect Itinerary

In a country full of history, culture, and breathtaking scenery, Strasbourg holds its own. This quaint Alsatian town boasts some of the most beautiful architecture in France, mouthwatering culinary delights, and is home to Europe’s most enchanting Christmas market. Not only that but its unique location creates a fascinating fusion of French and German cultures.

Since moving abroad to Strasbourg, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring every corner of this fascinating city. And, today, I want to share with you the best of Strasbourg.

While you could spend weeks here, three days in Strasbourg is the perfect amount of time. So, I’ve put together an itinerary that covers the main sites to help you get acquainted with the city as well as some hidden gems. There’s even a free printable version of this post at the end!

3 Days in Strasbourg - The Perfect Itinerary
3 Days in Strasbourg – The Perfect Itinerary

Table of Contents

Map of Strasbourg

Below is a map of all the things to see and do while spending three days in Strasbourg. It has all the sites listed in this post. (Click here or the map to open Google Maps.)

Map for 3 Days in Strasbourg
Map of Strasbourg

Strasbourg Itinerary – Day 1

Watch the Sunrise from the Vauban Dam

View from the Vauban Dam
View from the Vauban Dam

The Vauban Dam was built in the 1600s as a means to prevent enemy advancement by flooding the city. After serving its purpose on only one occasion, the dam was transformed into a historical monument.

Today, the roof offers some of the best views of Strasbourg while the interior houses artworks of cultural significance. And there is no better time to visit the Vauban Dam than at sunrise. From here you can take in the views of the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral as the sky fills with hues of pink and orange. It’s a spectacular sight that is a must if you’re spending three days in Strasbourg.

Address: Place du Qur Blanc

Opening Times:

  • 1 March to 30 April: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm 
  • 1 May to 31 August: 7:15 am – 9:00 pm 
  • 1 September to 31 October: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm  
  • 1 November to 28/29 February: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Nearest Tram Station: Langstross – Grand’Rue (Lines A and D)

Visit Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral

The Exterior of Strasbourg's Notre Dame Cathedral
The Exterior of Strasbourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral

One of Strasbourg’s most exceptional monuments is its Notre Dame Cathedral. Standing at an impressive 142 meters (465 feet), this architectural masterpiece took more than 300 years to build. Its exterior is decorated with intricate Gothic-style sculptures and beautiful stained-glass windows. And, of course, the interior is just as stunning. From the astronomical clock to sculptures and paintings, it’s sure to take your breath away.

Then, there’s the view from the top. You’ll climb 330 stars to a platform that opens to a 360-degree panorama of Strasbourg. It’s a hair-raising experience that will test the limits of your vertigo, but the view is worth it! Admission to the cathedral is free, but, if you want to visit the platform, it’s €8.

Address: Place de la Cathédrale

Opening Times (to visit the platform)

  • 1 April to 30 September: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm – 8:00 pm 
  • 1 October to 31 March: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm – 6:00 pm 

Useful Tip: Last entry to the platform is 45 minutes before closing.

Nearest Tram Station: Broglie (Lines B, C, and F)

Discover the Palais Rohan

The Magnificent Palais Rohan at Sunrise
Palais Rohan

If you love museums then the Palais Rohan is for you. Built in 1720, this baroque-style palace was once the residence of the prince-bishops and cardinals of the House of Rohan. Today, however, it serves as one of the most important historical landmarks in Strasbourg. Not only that but it’s home to three different museums: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Decorative Arts. Of course, choosing between them is no easy task, so why not visit all three?

Useful Tip: If you plan on visiting all three museums then the Strasbourg City Card is a good money-saving option. Stop by the Strasbourg Tourist Office (17 Place de la Cathédrale) for more information or check out their brochure, here.

Address: 2 Place du Château

Opening Times

  • Closed Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Nearest Tram Station: Langstross – Grand’Rue (Lines A and D)

Strasbourg Itinerary – Day 2

Take a Stroll Around La Petite France

The Most Beautiful Neighborhood in Strasbourg is La Petite France
La Petite France

The villages in Alsace are known for their colorful half-timbered houses, and Strasbourg is no exception. Granted, these beautiful pieces of architecture can be found throughout the city, but the most exceptional collection is in La Petite France.

Here narrow cobblestoned streets will take you past buildings painted in hues of pink, orange, green, and blue. If you’re visiting in winter, grab a glass of glühwein (mulled wine) or hot chocolate and enjoy it in the small park on Quai de la Petite France.

Nearest Tram Station: Langstross – Grand’Rue (Lines A and D)

Learn the History of Alsace at Musée Alsacien

Entrance to the Musée Alsacien
Musée Alsacien

There’s no denying that Alsace is steeped in culture and history. So what better place to learn about its traditions than at the Musée Alsacien?

This one-of-a-kind museum features an impressive collection of over 5,000 exhibits dating back to the 18th century. Not only that but the museum is spread across several traditional Alsatian houses. And, you’ll actually get to see what these houses look like on the interior. Definitely a unique experience that you won’t find elsewhere! Admission is €7.50.

Address: 23-25 Quai Saint Nicolas

Opening Times

  • Closed Tuesday and Thursday
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Nearest Tram Station: Porte de l’Hôpital (Lines A and D)

Picnic in Parc de l’Orangerie

The Gazebo at Parc de l'Orangerie in Summer
Parc de l’Orangerie

As the largest park in Strasbourg (26 hectares), Parc de l’Orangerie (Orangerie Park) is the perfect escape from the busy city center. Its meticulously maintained gardens offer a serene setting while its grassed areas are perfect for a relaxing afternoon picnic. You can even rent a canoe and explore the beautiful lake. Of course, the number of activities available makes it a popular spot, but it never really feels packed.

Nearest Tram Station: Droits de l’Homme (Line E)

Tour the Historic Cellar of the Strasbourg Hospices

No trip to Strasbourg is complete without sampling some Alsatian wine. And there’s no better place than the Historic Wine Cellar of Strasbourg Hospices. Established in 1395, underneath Strasbourg’s hospital, it was here where wine was used to cure various illnesses. Today, you can tour the cellar for free and sample some of the finest wines in the region. Make sure to ask about the barrels from 1472, they hold the oldest wine in the world! 

Address: 1 Place de l’Hôpital

Opening Times:

  • Closed Sunday
  • Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Nearest Tram Station: Porte de l’Hôpital (Lines A and D)

Strasbourg Itinerary – Day 3

Bike a section of the Rhine Cycle Route 

The Section of the Rhine Cycle Route that Passes by Strasbourg
The Rhine Cycle Route

The Rhine Cycle Route is a 1230-kilometer (764-mile) biking path that follows the Rhine River from the Netherlands to Switzerland, passing by Strasbourg. And, as one of Europe’s most bike-friendly cities, Strasbourg is the perfect place to ride a section of this famous route. You’ll pass traditional Alsatian villages while taking in scenic views of the river. There are even picnic benches along the way, where you can enjoy a packed lunch.

Useful Tip: The best place to rent a bike is Vélhop. They have thousands of bikes, making it the cheapest and easiest option around. And as a bonus, if you have the Strasbourg City Card, you’ll get a discount! 

Visit the Planetarium

Who hasn’t dreamed of going to space?

While it might seem like a far-out idea, Strasbourg’s Planetarium can give you a glimpse of what space looks like. They show entrancing movies about astronomy and recreate starry skies on a screen that is a whopping 8-meters (26 feet) in diameter. It’s an immersive experience that will take you on a trip to another planet.

If you’re spending more than three days in Strasbourg, take a tour of the Observatory. You’ll learn about the research they do and have the chance to see their telescope up close!

Useful Tip

  • All shows at the Planetarium are in French (only). Even if you don’t speak French, it’s still worth it! 
  • As of October 2022, the Planetarium and the Observatory are undergoing renovations. Tours will resume in Spring 2023. 

Address: 13 Rue de l’Observatoire 

Nearest Tram Station: Observatoire (Line C)

Indulge in a Tarte Flambée at Binstub Broglie

Binstub Broglie has the best tarte flambées in Strasbourg
Binstub Broglie

There are a few must-dos when visiting Strasbourg. And one of those is indulging in a tarte flambée.

This popular specialty most closely resembles a pizza, but with a twist. It consists of a thin crust topped with lardons (or small pieces of fatty bacon), crème fraîche, and onions. And, while it can be cooked in a regular oven, it’s not a true tarte flambée, unless it’s prepared in a wood-fired oven. Yes, the recipe is simple, but its mouth-watering flavor is something that you won’t forget.

You can find this delicious delicacy at most restaurants in Strasbourg, but the best are prepared at Binstub Broglie. They have the largest variety and offer some tantalizing dessert options.

Address: 28 Impasse de l’Écrevisse

Opening Times: Reservations are required and can be made here

Nearest Tram Station: Broglie (Lines B, C, and F)

More Cool Things to Do in Strasbourg

Meander around Jardin des Deux Rives

Beautiful Gardens in Jardin des Deux Rives
Beautiful Gardens

Joined by a modern-style footbridge, Jardin des Deux Rives is an international garden located in both France and Germany. It was built in 1995 as a symbol of friendship between the countries.

Today, this 40-hectare garden is used to host exhibitions and cultural events. Walk along one of its many footpaths while taking in the serene setting, visit one of its 19 gardens, or bring a picnic and enjoy it next to the Rhine. If you’re visiting in the summer, Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra organizes a free open-air concert. It’s definitely something not to be missed if you’re in town.

Nearest Tram Station: Port du Rhin (Line D)

Discover the Invisible World at the Vodou Museum

The Château Musée Vodou (Vodou Museum) is one of the most unique museums in Strasbourg. Here you’ll explore the magical tradition of Vodou through objects originating from West Africa (Ghana, Benin, Togo, and Nigeria).

Their goal is to educate the public on an otherwise unknown culture and eliminate the clichés often associated with Vodou. So, if you’re up for learning something new, then the Château Musée Vodou is for you! Admission is €14.

Address: 4 Rue de Koenigshoffen

Opening Times: Every day from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Nearest Tram Station: Gare Centrale (Lines, A, C, and D)

Visit the European Parliament

Panoramic View of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
European Parliament

Not only is Strasbourg one of the four capitals of Europe, but it’s also home to the European Parliament. You can tour this impressive institution and even sit in on a plenary session. It’s a chance to watch the world’s largest transnational government in action.

Then, if you’re interested in learning more about the European Union, the Parlamentarium (visitor’s center) offers an interactive self-guided audio tour. It’s a wonderful educational experience for all ages!

Address: Allée du Printemps 

Opening times:

  • Closed Sunday
  • Monday to Friday: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Nearest Tram Station: Parlement Européen (Line E)

Tour the Chocolate Museum 

The Chocolate Museum is for chocolate lovers! You’ll follow the cocoa bean from its origins in Ecuador all the way to Strasbourg while sampling some tasty treats along the way. You’ll even get to visit the Chocolate Makers’ Laboratory and witness master chocolatiers in action.

If you have time, try the chocolate-making workshop. Here you’ll put what you learned to practice, and you’ll even be able to make your very own chocolate bar! Admission to the museum is €7, while the workshop is an additional €4.90.

Address: Rue du Pont-du-Péage

Opening Times

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Closed Monday, except during the month of December.
  • If you want to attend a workshop, reservations are required and can be made here.

Nearest Tram Station: Graffenstaden (Line A)

Explore Strasbourg’s Christmas Market

Place Kléber during Strasbourg's Christmas Market
Strasbourg’s Famous Christmas Tree

If you’re visiting Strasbourg in December, then exploring the Christmas market is an absolute must! During this time of the year, Strasbourg transforms into a fairytale-like winter wonderland. The city is decorated with wooden chalets, colorful lights, and festive ornaments while locals from around the region come to sell their handmade trinkets and homemade glühwein. The atmosphere is vibrant with a contagious energy that beckons visitors.

There’s no denying Strasbourg’s Christmas market is the most popular in Alsace, so, if you want to avoid the crowds, plan on visiting in early December.


Visit Colmar on a Day Trip from Strasbourg
Most Colorful Street in Colmar

Touted as the most beautiful village in Alsace, Colmar is a must-see if you have more than three days in Strasbourg. Here you’ll find colorful half-timbered houses set along narrow cobblestone streets, cozy restaurants serving hearty Alsatian food, and Alsace’s most visited museum, the Unterlinden Museum. Granted, you could spend several days visiting Colmar, but a day trip from Strasbourg is more than enough time to see the highlights.

Getting there: From Strasbourg’s main train station, trains run regularly to Colmar and take about one hour. 


Luxembourg is a popular day trip from Strasbourg
Neümunster Abbey in Luxembourg

Another excellent day trip from Strasbourg is Luxembourg. This de facto capital of the European Union is full of historic sites that can easily be seen in a single day. Highlights include the Fort Thüngen, the Casemates du Bock, the Neümunster Abbey, and Pétrusse Parks. And the easiest way to visit these is via the Vauban Circular Walk. This well-labeled self-guided circuit is 4.5 kilometers (2.7 miles) and takes about three hours. For a free map of the walk, click here.

Getting there: From Strasbourg’s main train station, trains run regularly and take 2.5 hours.


Visit the Eiffel Tower on a Day Trip from Strasbourg
The Eiffel Tower!

If you’re in France, then visiting Paris is almost mandatory. And since it’s only two hours from Strasbourg, it’s a perfect day trip.

Of course, a single day in Paris isn’t enough time to explore all it has to offer, but there are a few must-see highlights.

For the best views of Paris, head up to the Montparnasse Tower. You’ll have a magnificent 360-degree panoramic view of the city, including the Eiffel Tower. Then catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa at the ever-impressive Louvre Museum. Finally, climb the stairs to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and stroll down the streets of Montmartre.

Getting there: From Strasbourg’s main train station, trains run regularly to Paris’ Gare de l’Est and take two hours.

Best Time to Visit Strasbourg

Summer is one of the best times to visit Strasbourg
Strasbourg in June
  • April-June and September-October are the best times to visit. During these months, the crowds are fewer and the weather is pleasant with little to no rain. 
  • Early December is the best time to visit if you want to see the Christmas market. By mid-December, Strasbourg is horribly over-crowded and accommodation is difficult to find.

Best Tours in Strasbourg

Ticket office of the Batorama Boat Tour
Batorama Boat Tour

A great way to visit Strasbourg is by taking a tour. And if you’re spending three days in Strasbourg, a tour will help you see everything I listed above. There there are several options available, depending on your preferences.

  • Happy Strasbourg This is Strasbourg’s best walking tour. They offer a variety of options, including free walking tours. Private guides are available but need to be booked in advance. Check out their options and choose your preferred tour.
  • Batorama Boat Tour – Discover Strasbourg by boat! Batorama has several circuits that wind through the canals of Strasbourg, offering a unique view of the city. Visit their site for a complete list of options.
  • Segway Tour – Segway tours are becoming more and more popular in Strasbourg. It’s a fun way to visit the main attractions. There are two equally viable options: Onecity Tours and Mobilboard Strasbourg Segway Tours.
  • Cyclorama Bike Tour With nearly 600 kilometers (372 miles) of biking paths, Strasbourg is a great city to explore by bike. And Cyclorama offers three tours with varying distances. There’s even an option to book a customized tour. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time!
  • Strasbourg Petit Train Tours Strasbourg’s Petit Train Tours are another excellent way to discover the city. Choose between touring Petite France and the historic downtown or the former German imperial district (Neustadt). For more information, visit their website here.
  • Audio-Guided Tour Finally, if you prefer to visit Strasbourg on your own but need some guidance, the Office of Tourism offers audio-guided self-tours. They provide an audio guide as well as a detailed pamphlet, so you can be sure you won’t miss anything. Stop by their office for more details (Address: 17 Place de la Cathédrale).

Where to Stay

Strasbourg has no shortage of accommodation options. With hotels on every corner, it can be difficult to choose. So, I’ve put together a small list of hotels to fit every budget. 


  • City Residence Access Strasbourg The best budget option in Strasbourg. It’s centrally located and offers clean, well-equipped rooms with friendly staff.


  • Le Kléber Hôtel – Centrally located with beautiful rooms. If you’re looking for a mid-range option, this is the perfect place. 


  • Les Haras Hôtel – A stunning hotel with an elegant design and comfortable furnishings. If you stay here, you might never leave your room! Make sure to book directly through their website, where they often offer a 10% discount.

Where to Eat

If you love to eat, then Strasbourg won’t disappoint. In fact, one of the advantages of living in Strasbourg is the variety of restaurants. And I’ve tried most places so I can share with you some of the best restaurants in Strasbourg. Below is a list of local favorites that will help you get acquainted with the cuisine of Alsace.


  • Au Pain De Mon Grand-Père – The best croissants in Strasbourg, no questions asked!
  • Hey Mama – If you love brunch, then Hey Mama has you covered. It’s the best in town. But it’s only available on Saturday and Sunday, so make a reservation if you want to guarantee your spot.

Lunch and Dinner

  • Restaurant de la Victoire – Typical Alsatian food with a cozy atmosphere. This is where locals go to eat local food!
  • Aux Armes de Strasbourg – Centrally located, this old-fashioned brasserie serves some of the best traditional Alsatian food in Strasbourg.
  • Vino Strada Stub – A modern take on traditional Alsatian cuisine. They have an excellent menu with dishes made from fresh produce. And their selection of wine is nothing short of impressive!

Get In and Around

Tram in Strasbourg at Sunrise
Tram Lines at Sunrise

Despite its size, Strasbourg does, in fact, have an airport (Entzheim Airport). But it only serves a small number of destinations and it’s very expensive. Instead, I would recommend flying to Paris (France), Basel (Switzerland), or Frankfurt (Germany). All three cities have international airports with direct buses and trains that run regularly to and from Strasbourg in under three hours.

Once in Strasbourg, public transportation is readily available and easy to use. There’s even an app called CTS-Strasbourg where you can buy your tram/bus tickets online. So, if you’re wondering if a car is needed in Strasbourg, the answer is no. In fact, public parking is very limited, so having a car is more of a hassle than anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1 day in Strasbourg enough?

Absolutely not! Strasbourg is a beautiful, historic city with so much to offer. While you can certainly see a lot in one day, it’s definitely not enough time to do it justice. Plus, with three days in Strasbourg, you’ll have plenty of time to explore at a leisurely pace and fully experience the city.

Is it better to stay in Strasbourg or Colmar?

There is no doubt that Strasbourg is the better choice for affordable accommodation when visiting this region of France. Compared to Colmar, Strasbourg has a wide range of hotels and hostels, making it easy to find something within your budget. Not only that but it’s the transportation hub of Alsace, and is better connected to other parts of France and Europe. If you want to visit Colmar, I would recommend doing it as a day trip from Strasbourg.

Is Strasbourg a walkable city?

One of the best things about Strasbourg is that it’s very walkable. The city center is relatively small and compact, which makes it easy to get around on foot. And, even though the city is spread out in some areas, there are plenty of pedestrian-friendly paths and bridges that make getting around a breeze.

Free Printable Itinerary

Here’s your free printable itinerary. It has all the sites listed above along with the addresses and nearest tram stations.


Strasbourg is an overlooked destination, but as I’ve shown there are a number of things to do here. Steeped in rich history and surrounded by natural beauty, this city has something for every kind of traveler. So, use this guide to help plan your next three days in Strasbourg. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

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