17 Incredible Pictures from Strasbourg’s Christmas Market

Every December, Strasbourg transforms into a winter wonderland with its annual Christmas market. And since moving here in 2019, I’ve made it a tradition to visit the market every year.

As a photographer, I find myself drawn to capturing the beauty and magic of this event. From the twinkling lights to the festive decorations, I have yet to run out of stunning sights to photograph.

In this post, I’ll share with you my favorite Strasbourg Christmas market pictures that I’ve taken over the years.

These are the best Strasbourg Christmas Market Pictures that I've taken.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

17 Amazing Strasbourg Christmas Market Pictures

1. The Strasbourg Cathedral

This is the Strasbourg Cathedral at night during the Christmas market. It's lit and there are decorations and lights on the buildings in front of the cathedral. This is one of the most iconic pictures of Strasbourg's Christmas market.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

No collection of Strasbourg images is complete without the Strasbourg Cathedral. Standing tall at 142 meters (465 feet), it’s a breathtaking sight any time of year.

But in December, it becomes even more magical. With lights and decorations, it feels like something out of a fairytale.

I have hundreds of photos of this masterpiece, but my favorites are the ones I took at night. The lights make the cathedral look even more magnificent.

2. Strasbourg’s Merry-Go-Round

This is Strasbourg's infamous merry-go-round. It's spinning and it's covered in red and green decorations for the holidays.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Most of the year Strasbourg’s merry-go-round is in Place Gutenberg. But during the Christmas market, it gets moved to Place de la Cathédrale next to Santa Clause’s hut.

It’s decked out with wreaths, red ornaments, and silver tinsel. And while it may seem like an ordinary thing to photograph. For me, it shows just how joyful this event is.

3. Place Gutenberg

This is Place Gutenberg at Christmas in Strasbourg. There is the statue of Gutenberg then there is a brightly lit blue tree next to it.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Place Gutenberg is one of the main squares in Strasbourg. Its biggest draw is the statue of Johannes Gutenberg, who played a vital role in Strasbourg’s past, and its proximity to the cathedral.

But during Christmas time it becomes even more magical. The wooden chalets, the twinkling lights, and the smell of cinnamon and roasted nuts make this place feel like a winter wonderland.

This is also where you’ll find Strasbourg’s infamous blue tree. And, as an added bonus, it’s never too crowded, so I like coming here to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the market.

4. Patisserie Christian

These is a photo of the Christmas Decorations at Patisserie Christian. It's a pink building at there are round shaped gold ornaments and wreaths covering the front.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Patisserie Christian is most known for its delicious cakes, pastries, and ice cream. It’s always full, especially during the Christmas market.

But what draws me to this otherwise hidden shop is its Christmas decorations. Every year, the outside is covered in gorgeous lights and ornaments, making it a must-visit spot for any photographer.

The photo I took above is from a unique angle, something you don’t see often. I had to stand under the ornaments and lean against the building to get this image.

5. Strasbourg: Capital de Noël

This is Strasbourg's entrance to its Christmas market. There is a sign that says Strasbourg: Capital de Noel, which means Capital of Christmas.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

The southern end of the Christmas market is home to the most famous decoration in town, the Strasbourg: Capital de Noël sign. And, if you’re here on a short weekend trip, it’s an absolute must-see.

It’s always crowded, but if you go early in the evening, like I did, you’ll have it to yourself.

6. Place des Tripiers

This is a photo of Place des Tripiers at Christmas. The trees and buildings surrounding the square are decorated with ornaments and lights. Then, there are two people sitting on one of the benches.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Place des Tripiers is a small square that’s often overlooked. Most pass by without ever giving it a second thought.

But this is one of my favorite places to hang out. There are tons of bars and cafés and, for the most part, it’s calm.

During the Christmas market, it’s covered in lights and festive decorations. You won’t find any wooden chalets here, but it’s worth stopping by.

7. Christmas Market Souvenirs

This is a shop selling Christmas market souvenirs. There are stuffed toy storks, aprons, and other trinkets. The store selling the souvenirs is in a half-timbered house. I took this photo in the morning before any tourists arrived so it's empty.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Every stand, shop, and boutique sells some type of souvenir. And they all make for a great photo. And the picture above is one of many that I have.

This store is Le Coin d’Alsace at Place Marche Cochons Lait, but you’ll find a ton in the area.

8. Vin Chaud

This is a picture of wooden chalet selling Vin Chaud in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral. There are people buying a glass and other people walking around.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Vin chaud (mulled wine) is a must-have drink at the Strasbourg Christmas market. It’s warm, spicy, and perfect for keeping you warm while exploring the market.

You’ll find tons of wooden chalets that sell vin chaud, but my favorite place is in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral (photo above).

This is where the very first Christmas market started, so you won’t find something more authentic.

And don’t forget to keep your souvenir vin chaud mug as a reminder of your time at the market. I still have mine from my first visit in 2019!

9. Le Gruber

Le Gruber at Christmas in Strasbourg. It's one of the most decorated buildings. There are streamers, ornaments, and lights.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Le Gruber is a family-owned restaurant that serves traditional Alsatian cuisine. It’s located near the cathedral, making it a popular place to stop.

But what draws me to this spot are the Christmas decorations. The lights, tinsel, and ornaments are some of the most elegant I’ve seen. So, of course, the photographer in me makes a beeline for places like this.

Helpful Tip: The food here is at best average. Make sure to read other reviews before eating here.

10. Crepes et Gaufres

This is a photo of a restaurant called Crepes et Gaufres in Strasbourg at Christmas. It's most famous for it's huge teddy bears and red ball ornaments.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Crepes et Gaufres is a creperie next to Le Gruber. So, if you’re visiting one you have to check out the other.

The decorations at Crepes et Gaufres are second to none. And their specialty is giant teddy bears.

This building was challenging to photograph because of its odd shape. It took me a couple of tries to get the photo above.

11. Place Kléber

This is Strasbourg's infamous Christmas tree in Place Kléber. It's a tall evergreen tree with gold and blue ornaments.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Like the Strasbourg Cathedral, Place Kléber is an absolute must-visit at Strasbourg’s Christmas market. This is where you’ll find its infamous Christmas tree.

I have more than two hundred photos of this giant beauty and I plan on getting a lot more. Day or night it’s marvelous.

Helpful Tip: Place Kléber is also a great place to go shopping if you’re looking for gifts to take home.

12. Place Benjamin Zix

This is Place Benjamin Zix in December. There are white half-timbered houses and in the center there is La Maison des Tanneurs. You can see the reflections of the houses in the canal below.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Place Benjamin Zix is the most famous square in La Petite France.

This is where you’ll find La Maison des Tanneurs, a 16th-century tannery turned restaurant.

It’s also the entrance to Rue des Bains-aux-Plants, the infamous street with all-white half-timbered houses.

There are so many ways to photograph this place, but my favorite spot is at the end, near Passerelle des Anciennes-Glacières. That’s where I took the photo above.

13. Rue du Chaudron

This is a Rue du Chaudron in December in Strasbourg. The building on the left is decorated with lights, ornaments, and there is a sled with Santa.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

If you walk down Rue du Chaudron, you’ll find yourself surrounded by decorations. And there are only a few shops here, so the street is empty at night.

Of the buildings here, my favorite is Winstub le Clou. They go all out on their decorations and even have Santa on a sleigh!

14. Rue des Orfèvres

This is Rue des Orfèvres during Strasbourg's Christmas Market. There are ornaments and lights on the buildings. And people are walking around taking photos.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Rue des Orfèvres runs perpendicular to Rue du Chaudron. It’s always crowded with tourists this time of year.

And rightly so.

The decorations here are outstanding. Every building, shop, and house is covered in festive lights and ornaments.

In the photo above, you can, actually, see them running across the street.

15. Palais Rohan

This is Palais Rohan early in the morning during the Christmas market. There are wooden chalets in its courtyard and in the background you can see the spire of the Strasbourg Cathedral.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

The Palais Rohan is a must-see attraction in Strasbourg.

This beautiful palace was once home to nobles and has since been converted into three fantastic museums (the Fine Arts Museum, the Decorative Arts Museum, and the Archeology Museum).

And during the Christmas market, its courtyard transforms into a magical winter wonderland. Here you’ll find wooden chalets selling all sorts of goodies.

I recommend adding at least one of the museums to your itinerary and then stopping by the courtyard for a snack.

Helpful Tip: I’ve been to all three museums at the Palais Rohan and my favorite is the Decorative Arts Museum.

16. Pont Saint Martin

This is the view from Pont Saint Martin in La Petite France. It's snowing so all the half-timbered houses are covered in snow.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

Pont Saint Martin is one of the most picturesque places in the La Petite France neighborhood. It’s most known for its rows of colorful half-timbered houses.

During the Christmas market, it’s also a popular spot for taking photos. But one year, it was snowing, and 

I was lucky enough to capture it on camera!

17. Typical Wooden Chalet

This is a Wooden Chalet Selling Traditional Food at Christmas in Strasbourg. There are people standing in front buying food and eating.
Photo Credit: Jen Ciesielski

If there’s one thing Strasbourg’s Christmas market has a lot of its wooden chalets. These traditional structures are dotted all around the city and sell everything from souvenirs to mulled wine (vin chaud).

They add such a cozy and festive atmosphere to the city, the Christmas market wouldn’t be the same without them.

I have tons of photos and the one above is from the market next to the Strasbourg Cathedral. It’s famous for its traditional Alsatian dishes.

Conclusion: Strasbourg Christmas Market Images

Strasbourg’s Christmas Market is more than a seasonal event – it’s an unforgettable, picture-perfect experience. It’s a place where tradition meets festivity, and the city’s architectural gems get a holiday makeover.

Whether you’re exploring the Palais Rohan or sipping mulled wine, every moment is a photograph waiting to be captured.

And I hope my photos have inspired you to visit and create your own memories at the Strasbourg Christmas market.

So, why not start by planning where you’ll stay during your visit?

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