15 Amazing Lyon Instagram Spots (2023)

Are you looking for the best Lyon Instagram spots?

Then look no further!

From stunning panoramic views to quirky buildings, I scoured every corner of this city to find the most photogenic places. And today I want to share with you the best Lyon Instagram spots.

I’ve included popular sites like the Fourvière Basilica and St. George’s Church as well as some hidden gems that you won’t find elsewhere. Each one can be added to any Lyon itinerary, whether you’re spending a week or a few days here. So, grab your camera and get ready to explore the most instagrammable places in Lyon!

The Most Amazing Lyon Instagram Spots
The Most Amazing Lyon Instagram Spots

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Map of Lyon Instagram Spots

This map contains all the instagrammable places listed in this post. Click on the map below to open Google Maps. 

Map of Lyon Instagram Spots
Map of Lyon Instagram Spots

15 Amazing Lyon Instagram Spots

With its colorful streets, unique architecture, and grandiose cathedrals, there’s no denying Lyon is heaven for photographers. So, to help you plan your trip I’ve narrowed it down. Here’s a look at the top 15 Lyon Instagram spots that I recommend you visit.

1. Fourvière Basilica

Fourvière Basilica sits atop Fourvière hill overlooking Vieux Lyon (Lyon’s Old District). And even from these narrow streets, this incredible white church stands out. It’s quite the climb to reach the top but it’s worth every step.

This awe-inspiring landmark was built in the 19th century and has some remarkable features. From the stained-glass windows to the mosaic-lined ceiling, it’s nothing short of beautiful. Then, of course, there is the ever-impressive altar. Decorated in marble and outlined in gold, this masterpiece is simply exquisite.

Needless to say, a photo from here will make your feed stand out!

Inside the stunning Fourvière Basilica
Fourvière Basilica

Address: 8 Place de Fourvière

Closest Metro Station: Fourvière (Funiculars F2)

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2. View from Jardin des Curiosités

Jardin des Curiosités is one of the most unsuspecting gardens.

Tucked away around the corner and hidden from plain view, this gem offers some of the best panoramic views of Lyon.

Panoramic View of Lyon from Jardin des Curiosités
That View!

Not only is this picturesque spot full of photo opportunities but it’s also the perfect place for a peaceful picnic lunch. But be sure to get there early. It’s a small garden and there’s limited seating.

Useful Tip: Jardin des Curiosités is down the street from the Fourvière Basilica. So, if you’re visiting one you can easily see the other!

Address: 8 Place de l’Abbé Larue

Closest Metro Station: Minimes Théatres Romains (Funiculars F2)

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3. Montée de la Grande Côte

This iconic ascending street is one of the oldest passages in the Croix Rousse district. And the most picturesque architecture can be found at the southern end. Here 16th century buildings boasting beautiful doorways are painted in hues of red and orange. It’s a dreamy setting that is absolutely picture-perfect.

Colorful Instagrammable Buildings along the Montée de la Grande Côte
Montée de la Grande Côte

Useful Tip: If you want to have photos without people make sure to arrive early in the morning.

Closest Metro Station: Croix Paquet (Line C)

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4. St. George’s Church

Of all the Instagram spots in Lyon, Saint George’s Church was, by far, my favorite. This breathtaking piece of architecture is made up of stunning neo-gothic elements. Not only that but it sits on the banks of the Saône River surrounded by coral, peach, and rose-colored buildings.

Get up early and enjoy this gem at sunrise—it’s one of the best places in town! Capture all its beauty as the sun gently pours over its steeple. A magical moment to say the least.

St. George’s Church in Lyon at Sunrise
St. George’s Church at Sunrise

Address: To get the photo shown above, head to Passerelle Saint Georges de Lyon bridge.

Closest Metro Station: Bellecour (Lines A and D)

5. Fresque des Lyonnais

The Fresque des Lyonnais is one of the most celebrated artworks in Lyon. It was commissioned by the city in the mid-1990s and completed by a talented collective known as Cité de la Création.

The mural contains 30 portraits of historical figures, masterfully painted in exquisite detail. It’s so life-like that you might not even realize it’s a painting (at first)!

Given the size of the Fresque des Lyonnais, capturing everything in one frame can be difficult. You will most likely need to walk across the street and kneel to get the shot you want.

The Fresque des Lyonnais is an Iconic Instagram Spot
The Fresque des Lyonnais!

Address: Corner of 49 Quai Saint Vincent and 2 Rue de la Martinière

Closest Metro Station: Hôtel de Ville L. Prade (Line A)

6. Cour des Voraces

The staircase shown below is the oldest in Lyon. Not only is it a great photo opportunity but the story behind it is also fascinating.

Oldest Reinforced Staircase in Lyon in the Cour des Voraces
Oldest Reinforced Staircase in Lyon!

In the 19th century, the Croix Rousse district was at the center of Europe’s silk industry. It was home to thousands of workers and manufacturers. As the industry grew, the working conditions gradually deteriorated. And the silk workers were not compensated for their time. This led to a series of revolts known as the Canut Revolts in 1831, 1834, and 1848.

During these uprisings, protestors used this very stairwell as a refuge.

But that wasn’t the only time it played a part in Lyon’s history.

In fact, its most significant role was realized during World War II when local citizens used this alleyway to hide from German forces.

Today, the Cour des Voraces stands as a symbol of resistance. And it’s one of many reasons why France is worth visiting!

Address: There are three entrances, but to get to this stairwell you’ll need to go to 9 Place Colbert.

Closest Metro Station: Croix Paquet (Line C)

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7. View from Aire de Jeux de la Place Croix Paquet

Aire de Jeux de la Place Croix Paquet is a must-visit Instagram spot for anyone looking to capture Lyon from above. There are a ton of viewpoints here, so you’ll have lots of great photos.

It’s a long sweaty climb to the top, but I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Panoramic View from Aire de Jeux de la Place Croix Paquet
Look at that View!

Useful Tip: Another good spot is La Vue du Coquillat. It’s at the corner of Rue des Fantasques and Rue Philibert Delorme.

Address: To get the picture shown above, head to 12 Rue des Fantasques.

Closest Metro Station: Croix Paquet (Line C)

8. Montée du Change

Montée du Change is a narrow stairway in Vieux Lyon. It’s a hidden shortcut that’s easy to miss. But you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled.

For the best picture, I recommend taking a portrait-style photo to highlight the staircase.

Staircase of Montée du Change in Lyon Surrounded by Orange Buildings
Montée du Change

Closest Metro Station: Vieux Lyon – Cathédrale Saint-Jean (Line D)

9. The Rose Garden in Parc de la Tête d’Or

As the largest park in Lyon, Parc de la Tête d’Or is a photographer’s paradise. It’s filled with giant green spaces, tree-covered paths, and tranquil lakes. There’s even a sculpture garden.

But my favorite was the rose garden. With so many varieties, the contrasting colors and shapes make for beautiful photos. If you’re into flower photography, you’ll no doubt find plenty of opportunities here.

A Collection of Pink Roses in the Rose Garden in Parc de la Tête d’Or
The Rose Garden in Parc de la Tête d’Or

Closest Metro Station: Masséna (Line A)

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10. Confluence’s Quirky Architecture

Confluence is a vibrant and bustling district of Lyon. It has become a hub for modern restaurants, upscale bars, and new businesses. There’s even a renowned science and anthropology museum, Musée des Confluences.

Needless to say, there are tons of Instagrammable spots here. But the most unique is the building that houses Les Yachts De Lyon. Its shape and style are like nothing else around.

A Uniquely Curved Building in the Confluence district of Lyon
What a Cool Building!

Address: 8 Rue Casimir Périer

Closest Tram Station: Place des Archives (Line T1)

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11. View from Pont de l’Université

Lyon sits at the intersection of the Rhône and Saône rivers. And, of these two, the Saône River is the most popular with photographers.

So why not head to Pont de l’Université (University bridge) on the Rhône River for something a little different?

Here you’ll find a tree-lined pier docked with péniches or houseboats. And, at sunrise, the warm light gently grazes the wharf creating a magical scene. Then, if you’re lucky and no boats have passed by, you’ll get to capture a stunning reflection on the still river.

View from the Pont de l'Université in Lyon just before Sunrise
View from the Pont de l’Université

Closest Tram Station: Pont de l’Université (Line T1)

12. Montée du Gourguillon

Montée du Gourguillon is a steep ascending street that connects Vieux Lyon to Fourvière hill. It winds past colorful stone buildings, picturesque window sills, and inviting doorways. Its rustic charm is captivating and will no doubt leave you in awe. Just make sure to have your camera ready. There are a lot of streetscape photos here.

The photo shown below was taken at the top of the hill.

Colorful Pink and Orange Buildings along the Montée du Gourguillon
Picture Perfect!

Useful Tip: Montée des Épies intersects Montée du Gourguillon at the halfway point. I recommend taking a detour on your way down. You’ll find several Instagram-worthy shots here as well.

Closest Metro Station: Vieux Lyon – Cathédrale Saint-Jean (Line D)

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13. Escalier Mermet

Located in the first arrondissement, Escalier Mermet is a stunning artistic masterpiece. The project was a combination of efforts from the artist WENC and local citizens who were invited to take part. It features organic patterns that alternate gradient hues of blue, yellow, and white. The design is mesmerizing, and the environment is inspiring.

For photographers, this 80-step staircase offers a striking backdrop that will no doubt enhance any image.

Escalier Mermet is the Perfect Lyon Instagram Spot
Escalier Mermet

Useful Tip: If you want to take a selfie, make sure to wear red, orange, or pink. These three colors will give you that extra contrast and will make your photo pop.

Closest Metro Station: Croix Paquet (Line C)

14. Streets of Vieux Lyon

The streets of Vieux Lyon are full of Instagrammable spots. With its cobbled streets lined with colorful buildings and archways, you’re sure to find that one-of-a-kind photo. And since this is the oldest district in Lyon, your photos will have that simple yet sophisticated look.

For the most charming streets head to Rue Saint-Jean, Rue du Bœuf, and Rue des Trois-Maries.

Streets of Vieux Lyon are ideal Instagram Spots
Streets of Vieux Lyon

Closest Metro Station: Vieux Lyon – Cathédrale Saint-Jean (Line D)

15. Longest Traboule in Lyon

Lyon is known for its spectacular architecture, but its most exceptional feature is its traboules. These secret passageways are all over the city, connecting streets and courtyards with hidden entrances.

Of the traboules to capture, the longest one was my favorite.

The alleyway seems to go forever, and the leading lines draw the viewer into the photo.

Passageway of the Longest Traboule in Lyon
The Longest Traboule in Lyon

Addresses: There are two entrances: 54 Rue Saint-Jean and 27 Rue du Bœuf.

Closest Metro Station: Vieux Lyon – Cathédrale Saint-Jean (Line D)

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Unique Lyon Instagram Captions

After you’ve captured all these incredible photos, you’ll want to start sharing them with your family and friends.

Here are the most unique Lyon Instagram captions to complement your spectacular photos:

  • Life is art in Lyon.
  • Making magical memories in Lyon.
  • Exploring and discovering Lyon one step at a time.
  • One destination, infinite experiences: Welcome to Lyon!
  • The view from here? Absolutely stunning – Welcome to Lyon!
  • No place like home…and this is ours: Welcome to Lyon!
  • Pinch me, I must be dreaming – life is sweet in dazzling Lyon!
  • I’ve never been more in love with France than I am right now.
  • La Belle Vie! (The Good Life)
  • Joie de Vivre! (Joy of Living)

Where Can I Watch the Sunset in Lyon?

The best places to watch the sunset in Lyon are Jardin des Curiosités, Fourvière Basilica, and Aire de Jeux de la Place Croix Paquet.

Where Can I See the Sunrise in Lyon?

The best places to see the sunrise in Lyon are Passerelle Saint Georges de Lyon bridge and Pont de l’Université.

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Conclusion: Amazing Lyon Instagram Spots

Lyon is a stunning city full of Instagrammable spots that will no doubt spark your creativity. From the mesmerizing Escalier Mermet to the vibrant streets of Vieux Lyon, there are endless possibilities here. And best of all it’s perfect for professional and amateur photographers alike. So don’t wait any longer – pack your bags, grab your camera, and start exploring!

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